Red Green is a marvel of comedy genius even if it is a Canadian show. It stars Red Green and his nephew Harold and details in the most comic fashion possible their adventures and mishaps. Why is this funny? Because of execution and production. Whenever something enourmously important happens it isn't shown because it is simply a budget/theatrical impossibility, but the dialogue always pulls through. The parts that are shown are either in the Possum Lodge Club house, out back, on or near the lake, or at some random house. Most of the segments in the show are in color, but some of the segments are in black and white. All of the adventures with Bill are in B&W, as is Handyman's Corner on occaision.

It strikes me that they borrowed a good bit from Monty Python in the pacing of the program. Each show has a plot, but interspersed within all the scenes pertaining to the plot are total non-sequiter scenes with other characters in the show. Usually the interjections are tips on growing older as a man or how to deal with your wife. Sometimes it's a sent-in-letter Q&A session. This might seem kind of disjointed, but it works out wonderfully in the end.

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