My newest project which will probably take me to the end of my days on Everything to get even close to finishing. So it goes.

The New York City Subway Lines Project:

The aim of this project is to give an indepth description of each individual subway line in New York City including all stops, transfer points, and points of attraction at each stop.

The first stage of the project is done. All stops on all lines have been recorded.

The second stage of the project will be ongoing. Any new nodes concerning locations in New York City will be added to the appropriate subway line(s) as they are noded. Please /msg me with any additions to the lines you would like to see.

Subway Lines:

Orange Line:

Red Line:

Yellow Line:

Blue Line:

Green Line:

Brown Line:

Purple Line:

Grey Line:

Brooklyn-Queens Crosstown Line:


The Lines That Used To Be:

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