A later work by German novelist Michael Ende, this book is a little more compact both in chronology and scope than Ende's best known work, The Neverending Story. It was written published in 1989 as Der satanarchaolugenialkohollische Wunschpunsch. It translated into English in 1992.

The book's story revolves around two black magicians, an aunt and nephew, who have failed to produce the correct amount of environmental degradation and suffering that their contract with their demonic masters has stipulated. They must come up with a way to create the requisite amount of destruction on December 31st. Their scheme for doing this involves creating a potion, the titular potion, the The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion which will grant their wishes if prepared correctly. However, two spies sent by the Animal Council to spy on them manage to foil their schemes at the last moment, saving the world from destruction.

As far as Michael Ende's novels go, this one seems to be a little more preachy and less imaginative than The Neverending Story, which was a work of imagination, not of propaganda. This book's characterization and moralizing are both a bit heavy handed, and not particularly original. On the other hand, their is a fair amount of creative imagery and wordplay.

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