A really good Death Cab for Cutie album released in October 2001 by Barsuk Records

1. Steadier Footing

2. A Movie Script Ending

3. We Laugh Indoors

4. Infomation Travels Faster

5. Why You'd Want to Live Here

6. Blacking Out the Friction

7. I Was a Kaleidoscope

8. Styrofoam Plates

9. Coney Island

10. Debate Exposes Doubt

My favorite song is I Was a Kaleidoscope. This is the kind of music that Mtv should have, it's good pop with good lyrics.

I think the name of the album couldn't be better, it's just like a real photo album. It makes you think about the past and those situations that everyone goes through at least once.

If you like Death Cab for Cutie then also check Built to Spill.

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