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The Red Dot

by Akasha

The emerald sun of the land of Dotopia, shone down upon a round being as it walked down a maize colored dirt pathway. This rounded dot was named Red (for obvious reasons). As Red looked up at the green light shining on her face, she looked down the pathway to see her dear friend, Purple. Red jumped up in glee and skipped over to Purple who was swinging her bucket to an unheard tune.

"RED!" She exclaimed joyfully, "How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while!" "Not too bad, just on my way to the stream for some water. Care to join me?" Asked Red casually. "No, I'm on a task for--um--my parents," Purple said hesitantly. "Oh well, then suit yourself!" Red hugged Purple goodbye, then skipped off merrily.

As Red continued, her mind began to drift while she stared at maroon sky with fluffy yellow clouds. The warm green sunlight tickled her skin. After a while, Red paused suddenly with the realization that the sky was starting to dim. The maroon in the sky was quickly turning to a shade of plum with silver splotches and Red still had not reached the stream. Red began to walk back the way she came, when all of a sudden, a little winged creature landed on Red's nose. She froze dead in her tracks and remember the old wives' tale about the faery that would carry dots off to a far and distant land never to return, but only if you let the faery do so. The winged thing beckoned Red to follow it. Red wondered if it was pointing the way home, maybe it was trying to be helpful. Little did Red know, it was actually a sprite who collected dots. This sprite was called Akasha. Akasha would tempt little lost dots to follow her, fooling the dots into thinking that they will soon be home. As soon as they took a step in the direction in which Akasha beckoned them to go, they would be transported into her realm. Red was torn, she didn't know if she should follow this cute little sprite or not.

Finally, Red followed Akasha and was suddenly transported to another land. Red paused, dumbfounded at the sudden change of her surroundings. Red tried to swat Akasha, enraged that she had been fooled. It was no use, though, because Akasha was omniscient in her lands. Red turned around and ran, and ran, and ran until she was all out of breath. Her legs were tired and she missed home, her friends, her family. Finally, Red gave up and continued to follow Akasha, who had been taunting her whilst she ran.

Akasha smiled wickedly, proud to have yet another dot to add to her collection. The temptress led Red to her temple. When they arrived, Red saw a sea of butterflies worshipping a beautiful statue that resembled Akasha. The columns of the temples were made of a black stone with sparkling, multicolored rainbow speckles. Red fell under the spell of Akasha and became infatuated with the temple. She ran over to the columns of the temple and began examining them in awe. She ran to the feet of the statue, amazed at how exact the details of it were and how beautiful Akasha was.

While Red fell under the spell of this strange winged creature, the butterflies mourned for the unfortunate dot. The butterflies knew all too well what it was like to have fallen under the spell of Akasha. They, too, had been dots from Dotopia and other lands of dots. Akasha stole dots and tranformed them into butterflies, which she considered her prized collection. She collected these dots because when you transformed them into butterflies, their wings turn into the most spectacular patterns. No two butterflies were the same. Akasha would transform these unsuspecting dots by casting a spell which forced these dots into a cocoon. And that is exactly what Akasha did with Red.

Once Red realized she could no longer move her short little legs, she looked down and realized a shell was forming around her. She tried to pull her legs from this shell, this cocoon, but it was to no avail. It was slowly crawling up her legs, she couldn't move her torso, then her arms were rendered useless. Red was trapped and began to panic when she felt a strange wave of energy begin to flow through her body.

Red cried out, "Why?! I want to go back. Take me home!"

Akasha laughed at Red's demand. "Don't you see? You can't go back, it's too late. You belong to me. You will never go back, not now, not ever because you are mine. You will be mine until your very last breath."

Red began to weep as her head was covered by the cocoon. Finally, she was submerged into this skinlike covering. It started to crystalize over her. She felt her body changing and it was the weirdest sensation. Red closed her eyes, a sense of hopelessness fell over her. She was doomed. When she reopened her eyes, she saw herself on a white plane of existence. There was nothing to be seen for miles on this white plane. She looked around, fearful, the sky was pitch black. This was new to Red because the shade of black and white did not exist in her world. The world she missed so much. She sighed sorrowfully.

In the distance, she noticed something queer. A white armadillo was fast approaching; he appeared to be juggling black balls on a black unicycle. When he was within earshot, she asked him, "Excuse me, Sir, where are you going? What are you doing? Where am I?" The armadillo whizzed by her as if he hadn't seen her. "Wait! Come back," Red shouted at him. She chased after him, but he was far too quick on his unicycle. As he disappeared on the white plane, she fell to the ground and began to sob.

"Red! Where are you? Help me!" It was Purple's voice, calling for assistance from far away. Red ran toward Purple, who appeared to be a small black dot. An ominous white dot was hovering above Purple. The farther Red ran, the farther they appeared to be. Then it hit her, this was all happening in her mind, she was still in a cocoon. It was all a figment of her imagination. Purple and the threatening white dot vanished. She was alone again.

The white plane faded away only to be left with the sad truth of reality. She woke up and noticed she could move again. The cocoon was no longer suffocating, rather like a loose pair of pants. She wiggled free and tried to pull off the cocoon but saw that her arms were no longer arms, but 6 insect legs. She looked down at herself, she was a butterfly. She looked behind her and saw her gorgeous wings. She began to flap them and soon she was in flight. Up, up, and up she flew. When she looked at the ground, she saw Akasha staring at her.

Akasha cast a spell on Red so she couldn't find her way home; a spell of delusion. Red felt drowsy suddenly and slowed down her flapping. She almost pummeled to the ground, but she regained consciousness and continued flying. She saw her friend, Purple. Purple looked like a black dot with wings, flying away from Red in the black sky. Red flew as fast as she could to catch up to Purple.

"Purple! Wait for me. Come here! Where are you going, Purple?" Red cried out.

Red flapped her wings faster and faster, but she could not catch up; Purple kept flying faster and farther away. Purple eventually disappeared in the sky, too far away for Red to see. She kept flying, though, she had to catch up to Purple. She had to see her again. She missed Purple so much it hurt. Red kept flying, looking for Purple...

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