Seventies situation comedy by Carla Lane (before Bread and Screaming and The Liverbirds too, I think, and substantially better than any of them). Wendy Craig played Ria, a house-wife who was not good at being a house-wife. Geoffrey Palmer played Ben, her husband, and a dentist. Nicholas Lyndhurst (of Only Fools and Horses, and Goodnight Sweetheart fame) played one of her sons, and some large, curly haired chap played the other - I can't remember his name.

Clearly Carla Lane was interested in feminism, but also in everybody's lot in life and what we did to try and break out of it. Ben was a butterfly catcher (hence the title), but the implication was that all the characters were caught, pinned to where they were.

The show was set in a particularly suburban location, thousands of house all identical. Ria was desperately unhappy there, even started seeing another chap (quite daring in its day, I would think, as was the unmarried pregnancy that befell the girl friend of one of her sons). Ben was solid and steadfast and tried hard not to notice his wife's growing anxiety and her appalling, and hysterical, cooking. A great, funny, and very upsetting show, really.

Every time.
Every single time
I get butterflies.
No matter how many times
I see you
They flutter about
Nervous in the lead up
Then you’re there
Like the sun’s rays
And the butterflies
Bask in the light

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