You and your friends have spent a fun night out at your local bar, getting rowdy and generally having a blast. Several of the bars other patrons have joined your group, and by the end, you seem to have a hanger on. They look at you with puppy dog eyes, and you know what is coming.

Can I get your number?

Now, you arent looking for anything, or maybe this person is a freak, but for whatever reason, you don't particularly feel like giving out your golden digits. What do you do?

Simple. Tell them your number is 212-479-7990.

Once dialed (and once they get past the busy signal), your numerical recipient will be greeted by The official New York Rejection Line!

So what does your caller hear? First they are told that they have been rejected. Then they are given 3 options:

  1. Press 1 to "talk" to their comfort specialist.
  2. Press 2 to hear a sad poem
  3. Press 3 to cling to the unreasonable hope that a relationship is still possible.

When you go to their website,, you can listen to all sorts of clips from the line, and messages left by unsuspecting callers. In addition , in the About Our Services section, you can read a funny little story about the creation of the site (obviously false).

So, next time someone asks for your digits, give that snaggle-toothed beast the rejection line. Make your life easy. Of course, you could just be an adult and say "no," but what fun would that be?

BTW, I do, in fact, know a person who lives in NYC who has received this number at a bar. The number giver was an evil evil person.

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