Goodnight out there. This is your weekend sound track. Thank you for tuning in. Sit back, grab the beer that's been sitting in the back of your fridge forever (the one bleached yellow by the door light). Turn it up...

Saturday night is settling down. The buzz is wearing off. You're sitting on the stairs to your apartment and, oh yes, it's a beautiful night out there. > How Fucking Romantic - The Magnetic Fields

Not much in the mood for beauty, you spit off the side. Your phlegm disappears into the darkness below. No porch light tonight, you note. Must not be having overnight visitors. Good. (Below is the doorway of the ex, who could have had the deceny to move further.) > American Girls - Homie

It hurts too much to have to watch his love life go on. It sometimes kills. This is good, no porch light. In the darkness down there you can see the fireflies blinking like stoplights in a poorly planned town. They have verified it. > 100,000 Fireflies - covered by Superchunk

But it wasn't all bad. > Good Things - Sleater-Kinney

It was wild sometimes, it was decadent. After all, you're the one who cut him loose. > Layin' Up With Linda - covered by Vaginal Discharge

Figures that he'd be the one to recover first, as you sit up here alone. Be honest. He was lovely, he is lovely. But that's just respect, not desire. You can't begrudge him himself. He's a good catch. It figures. > I Wish I Was Him - Kathleen Hanna

Even if you ended it, he was probably tired of you first. You probably annoyed him. > California - Luna

No, that's wrong. You threw him away. You broke up with him. > I Never Cared for You - covered by Waylon Jennings

You wish you'd brought someone home tonight. > I Just Want Some Skank - Circle Jerks

It wouldn't be so bad to be with him tonight. He's alone. You're alone. And the sex was the only thing that was never a problem. Should you? Shouldn't you? > Nancy Sin - Beat Happening

You are down the stairs. You are knocking. Hi.
Hi. > I Can't Hardly Stand It - covered by The Cramps

He gets the look in his eyes, that look. Just the two of you again, like it always used to be. Some part remains. > Straight to You - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Slow motion, he closes the door behind you. But every step he takes twice as quickly as the last. > Stupid Crazy - Spinanes

You can make an excuse, you can go home. Or you can follow him down the hallway. > Underwear - Pulp
What are you doing? > Shit Luck - Modest Mouse
This is sleazy. > C'mon Baby - Half Japanese
Take what you can get, I guess. > Love Comes in Spurts - Richard Hell & the Voidoids
It had to happen at some point. This. Sex. He is sweating all over you. > This Sex - Kicking Giant

He rolls off you. And for a second, it's ok. It's familiar. You could stay the night. > Clock Song (Go Girl Go) - Scrawl

Somewhere, someone is laughing at you. Welcome back to humiliation. Better run while you still can. > Jockey Full of Bourbon - Tom Waits

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The Saturday night ride is also a wrestling move. Perhaps someone who's actually participated in that sport can explain the details.

In high school wrestling, this is a fairly standard move, though not seen in competitions where the contestants have a bit of experience. It also has no useful application in the world of collegeic wresting and professional wrestling

The Saturday Night Ride is a sloppy attempt at pinning your opponent. It honestly looks like you're trying to boink your opponent. Your arms go under his/hers, to remove their ability to keep their shoulders off the mat. Your torso is on their stomach, their legs on either side so that you can deprive them of that leverage.

My coach would severly punish us if we ever used this against a female wrestler. It is both disrespectful, and since it's useful scope is only against inexperienced wrestlers, it is a sign of sloppy wrestling which would not be tolerated by my coach. (Severe punishment means something like 500 push-ups, 3-5 miles of running, 200-300 sit-ups and probably many many minutes of wrestling against one of the coaches.. to the point, lots of pain)

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