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The Secret Lives of INTJs is a book written by Anna Moss. The book is concerned with the rare Myers-Briggs personality type INTJ. There are plenty of books espousing information and advice on the myriad schema devised to organize and explain the intricacies of human minds but few zoom it to a small section of the population and explain what makes the tiny subset tick. INTJs are an enigmatic lot; fierce but reserved, individualistic, self assured without putting on airs. It is arguably the single most distinctive type. The Secret Lives of INTJs give us a detailed look from the eyes of an amateur researcher and MBTI enthusiast.

The book covers a variety of subjects from INTJs' preferred pastimes to their death glare to the way they process emotions. Several examples of INTJs from history and fiction are examined. These include Professor Moriarty, Nathaniel Bowditch, Issac Newton, and Van Helsing among others. Ever wondered what personality type is most likely to become a mad scientist super villain? Yep, it's INTJs. Who constructed all those elaborate explanation of how Star Trek technology could actually work? INTJs (& INTPs). Who pushes the limits of human knowledge and makes the future a reality. Well, lot's of different types but it's a safe bet that INTJs are over represented.

What really impressed me about Moss's book is her writing style. Moss is an INTP and it shows in her work. Most authors argue a point and then maybe cite a source or two before moving on to the next stage of there argument. Moss by comparison makes a claim, cites the work, gives the actual percentage involved, then tells you how large the sample size is and where the sample was taken. She admits where her ideas are weakly supported and is quick to point out where we simply do not have enough data to draw conclusions. In short, she presents the info how she would want it presented. This brings me to one important point, this is a book written by a rational* for rationals. I'm pretty sure that all intuitive thinkers will find this style refreshing but the rest of the population may simply experience information overload.

Moss has written another book, The Secret Lives of INTPs; which is basically more of the same. Both can be purchased as ebooks at her website.

* MBTI personalities are clustered into four groups; Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals. Rational refers to INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP.


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