A hero created, written, and drawn by Will Eisner. The Spirit's adventures were published in a syndicated Sunday newspaper section called The Spirit Section from 1940 until 1952.

The Spirit was actually Denny Colt, a junior detective in Central City. During his first adventure, Denny confronted the evil Dr. Cobra and was believed killed. In fact, Denny was made the subject of one of Cobra's experiments, putting him into suspended animation. Denny awoke days later in the Wildwood Cemetary. He realized that since everyone believe Denny Colt was dead, he would be able to fight crime without the worries of most people. Dressed in a blue suit, blue fedora, and wearing a domino mask, The Spirit became the bane of those who would do evil in Central City.

Like many vigilantes in comics, the Spirit formed an uneasy alliance with the police in Central City. He successfully brought Dr. Cobra to justice. Then from his secret headquarters in Wildwood Cemetary beneath the headstone of Denny Colt, the Spirit fought others who sought to do evil, including the Octopus, his arch-villain who was never seen but was known by his gloves.

The Spirit's sidekick was a poor black kid named Ebony White. Ebony drove a taxi and was the epitome of a black caricature. When the Spirit was republished in the 1960's, civil rights leaders took umbrage at Ebony's portrayal. The Spirit also had an on-going romance with Ellen Dolan, the daughter of the police commissioner.

Will Eisner gave the comic much in the way of social commentary, allowing this comic character to appeal to both children and adults. The comic had a cinematic feel, unlike many comics of the day, which were unimaginative in their images and story telling.

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