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Today is one of the most listened-to programmes on BBC Radio 4. It runs from 6 to 9 am every weekday morning. Basically a news programme, Today still manages to keep the interest of even the most sleepy listener. Each day, it is presented by any two news journalists from a pool of half a dozen or so. Among the best are John Humphries and James Naughtie.

Today attracts the top politicians and businessmen for interview, as it is so highly regarded. The programme always seems to come up with a new exclusive story. As well as challenging interviews and insightful reports, Today contains features such as a daily review of the papers. The presenters often manage to get themselves a free breakfast by running a story on some development in the food world. Recent offerings include braised squirrel. Also interesting is the Thought For The Day feature, where a speaker (often with a religious background) talks for three minutes on a moral issue arising from the headlines.

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