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The Transformers Comics
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Title:         Shooting Star!
Issue:         13
Released:      February 1986
Pages:         23

Writer:        Bob Budiansky
Penciler:      Don Perlin
Inker:         Al Gordon
Letterer:      Janice Chiang
Colorist:      Nel Yomtov
Editor:        Michael Carlin
EditorInChief: Jim Shooter
The Menace of Megatron

A small time criminal Joey Slick discovers Megatron, who has lost his free will as a result to the battle against Ratchet in issue 8. Joey starts using the transformed Megatron to advance his "career" and get his revenge on the mob boss Lomax.

"All you brave soldiers cn't be afraid of a measly little pea shooter like this.. can you?" - Joey

Disclaimer: This is neither autonoded nor a cut'n'paste writeup. My only source material are the original comics.

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