Now, if you're not in New Zealand then you'll probably never get to see them play. But that's OK. Just read on and I'll try to help you understand...

Imagine all the old songs. You know, all the really good ones. Now imagine rock and roll. Imagine a smooth lounge music man singer. Imagine a raven-haired beatnik girl singer. Imagine all of these things all rolled into one funky ass package. Imagine this in a beautiful bar with lampshades made of dolls heads and film stock, overlooking supermarket isles through narrow windows.

Now think back to new years 2001 (not so long ago), you've taken some acid.

You've danced until you can't breathe, and now you're standing outside in the cool rain and looking out over the harbor. Enormous commercial fishing boats are orange under the sodium lights, and you can feel the future coming.

Later, you'll go home and watch 2001 as the acid wears off. But for now, you go back inside and make the most of the present.

He sings: 'Hit me baby one more time'

She's so cool that she's actually having a cup of tea in the corner until it's her turn to sing again.

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