We sat in the car and listened to Kurt wail
and we sang Lithium at the top of our lungs.
we drove through the hole we lived in-
drunk and stupid-
Crashed into fences,
lost on some back road
three a.m. in my bedroom
making out with razor blades.
Trent wanting what he couldn't have
It was a terrible mistake to kiss you.
Waking up behind the wheel at the drive through at Hardee's
wondering how the fuck we got there
"order me some fries"
"God, I'm starving"

You were too drunk to wake up the next morning
so I left you asleep in the car
So long...

We came to this place
to forget about that hole
and hoped that we could find something here together-
while we silently built our lives for other people-
why did we drink so much then?
passed out in bed
arms, legs twined
far too many chances taken then
forget about it in the morning
we were always the same, then
drunk and stupid
So long...

We played such stupid little games, then
while you were dragging me around to pick out a new house
for you and your future wife -
Did you actually expect me to live with you both?
How would you explain that one-
after a year or so?
didn't you ever think she'd finally get a clue?

How long did you think it would take for her to catch on, dummy?
- I was looking for some way out.
The morning when she figured it out you were the one who slipped up
that is still funny as hell
because of the way you told me never to tell
manipulative fucker
I really should have expected that call from her that Sunday morning
but at least she understood what it meant to love you
She could relate to that one completely
But now (like my wife) she could learn to be jealous of everyone.
We were such liars
drunk and stupid
floundering in the mud
stripping off our clothes in the basement
you shoving me against the dryer
hard kisses on my mouth
your muddy arms holding me
So long...

I'm not sure now who loved who the most
I was the one who left you and your pretty fucking face
I had to give up on you for my own sanity
At some point I couldn't live with being
drunk and stupid
all the time
We were so much alike at one time
but it took too much out of me to care
for what you thought
for who you were
for what you said
for what I could say to you and when

I had too much to try in the world
and I needed to be out in it.
No, we can't be friends
we were never meant to be
and we probably never should have been
I'll miss you - but -
So long.

"So long" is an english expression used when parting, similar to "goodbye."

According to Ripley's Believe it or Not, the expression comes from the Arabic word "Salaam" which means "peace" and is part of the Islamic greeting/parting phrase "Assalaamu 'Alaykum." (Peace be upon you)

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