Scottsburg, Indiana. The county seat of Scott County, located in southeast Indiana at the intersection of State Road 56 and Interstate 65 (at exit 29), app. 30 miles north of Louisville, KY and 75 miles south of Indianapolis, IN. Population as of July 1, 1998: 5,755. Latitude 38.7 N x longitude 85.8 W. 

It has a moderate climate on a year round basis (Zone 5-6). Is has fairly rich soil and farmland. A flood plain in the eastern portion of the county results in land that is somewhat marshy. The county is also covered with forest and hills. 

Scottsburg is a small community in southern Indiana. The main industries here are plastics, packing and small manufacturing companies, farming, livestock, and antiques. It is not a racially diverse community as the only African American or Jewish residents were threatened and intimidated into leaving shortly after arriving – there are a few Asian American families. It is not known for its tolerance to other races, beliefs, creeds or sexual orientations.

Scottsburg has one Catholic Church and many protestant churches of various denominations. 

Scottsburg school district, named Scott County School District 2, is comprised of four elementary schools, Scottsburg Middle School, and Scottsburg High School. In addition to the academic program offered, District 2 has a music and athletic program which has produced state champions in both girl’s basketball and marching band competition in recent years.

The City of Scottsburg is governed by a Mayor (September 2001, Bill Graham) and a Common Council consisting of five-members. The Water Utility is under the authority of the Waterworks Board of Trustees. The municipal Electric Utility and Municipal Sewage Works are under the jurisdiction of the Board of Public Works and Safety. The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for the financial record keeping of the City. The City (including the police department, utilities and part-time help) currently employs 80 people.

Events, local parks and Monuments:
  • Hardy Lake - State Recreation Area (small beach, muddy water… late night drinking spot for teens mostly
  • Lake Iola
  • - Scottsburg City Park (The far pavilion was the goal to reach during our late night games of capture the flag or Cops and Robbers)
  • Interurban Historic RailRoad Car located at Lake Iola
  • (I never saw this once while there)
  • Double Arch Bridge B & O Railroad - Built in 1854, located near Blocher, Indiana (Blocher was always a HUGE joke in Scottsburg. I’ve no idea of the location of the bridge but, from the rest of Blocher, I can only assume it’s covered in garbage)
  • Austin Canning Company 1903 - (now Morgan Foods, Inc) (Friends of mine worked here in high school and college – one reason why I never eat anything that comes from this company)
  • Austin Methodist Church 1859
  • Adam Reynolds House 1856
  • Leota Covered Bridge 1995 - Indiana's newest covered bridge (This bridge is less than a mile from my Mom’s place and is actually quite pretty. I don’t think that I would call it an “attraction”, but we have to pass through it in order to get to FireTower Hill in the Floyd Knobs State Park)
  • Lexington Old Settlers Days Courthouse 1821 -Home of Scott County's first seat of Government (Never went, never knew anyone who claimed to go. If you ever go let me know if it’s worth attending sometime
  • Pigeon Roost Monument - State Historic Site (this was right next to an ex-girlfriend's house and we went there on occasion. I didn’t see much of it then, either)
  • Scott County Fair - Mid-July - Highway 31 South (This is big deal in town. Hell, my wife won the 4-H Fair queen in 1988… I’m not sure if we were speaking at the time- she might have hated me then.)
  • Scott County Court fest – September (food and we performed in the band and community choir. Not too bad – but fairly typical fare for a small town.)
  • Pig Roast In The Park – August
  • Underwood Community Festival – August (laughably dull but quaint)

    I gleaned some of this information from the Scott county website:

    The rest is from a bittersweet existence living there there...  nice place to go home for holidays and Christmas, but you wouldn't want to live there.


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