The Whispering Knights are a cluster of standing stones about five minutes walk from the prehistoric stone circle of Rollright. The five stones are thought to be the remains of a Neolithic burial chamber (called a Dolmen), but may also have been put in place by a later Saxon mercenary band as a marker of ther journey across Britain. If the stones are an ancient burial chamber, then no archaeological evidence has been found to truly support this, although a human mandible was found in the near vicinity.

Like most prehistoric monuments, there are many legends surrounding the stones. Heyoka has already masterfully written up the story of the whispering knights and the other associated stone features here. The story involves the turning to stone of the five knights who were lingering behind the army, plotting to kill their Danish king. Little did they know that this had already been achieved by a witch encountered at the site of the stones by the Kings' Army!

The story of the Danish King gives some credence to the idea that the Whispering Knights are in fact a marker or memorial for the army, rather than the remains of a prehistoric monument. However, neither argument is set in stone, so to speak.

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Aside: In William Horwood's Duncton Wood books, the stones are known as the Whispering Stoats.

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