Most English Pubs these days have all the same features: a huge TV-Screen displaying soccer, a variety of fizzy, tasteless lagers like Carling Black Label or Stella Artois and an Australian behind the counter. If you have trouble understanding your friends because of the loud TV, the rest of the conversation will be drowned by the senseless and vulgar cloned trashy house soundtrack.Unfortunately English Pub - Culture has obviously taking a turn for the worst recently.

Not so the Windmill Inn in Ormskirk, Lancashire: A tiny pub located in the ground floor of an old Windmill (hence the name) this pub shows that there are still places you can go without being bombarded by the So Solid Crew.

A central bar serves two halves of the pub (Bar left, Lounge right] with the bar the more casual of the place. Real ales and classic bitters like Tetleys are being served and the landlord is pretty much in control: I once saw him bar 5 drunken students after being boorish and annoying and as they went out they apologized to each guest personally.

Ahh, civilization...

The Windmill Inn,
Wigan Road,
Ormskirk, Lancashire

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