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After reading The Best Men's Room in the Boston Area, for quite a while I've been looking for something to compare from a female perspective. Tonight was the night. I found the best ladies room in the Boston area. Similar to The Custodian's experience, this ladies room wasn't appreciated for its state of cleanliness or its service and certainly not for the scenery or entertainment options. In fact, it's all about the TP. Ladies and ladies only can understand the toilet paper dilemma with women. They use it to cover the seat, dab their lipstick, blow their nose... there's lots to do with toilet paper, the more inappropriate ones I'll keep to myself. But without a doubt, TP is hard to come by. My mom, and moms everywhere I'm sure, carry handfuls of napkins in their purse for when the day comes they pick a stall with no TP and that realization comes AFTER squatting. And women typically use the bathroom more often than men anyway by stereotype, so the likelihood of finding TP after a long night of drinking is rare.

Now ladies, if I may, I invite you to visit Big City in Allston, Massachusetts (Allston is a neighborhood of Boston). It is an old Police HQ that has turned into a pool hall type restaurant type bar thing. The ladies room upstairs, third stall on the left is where you want to be. Initially it may seem like an ordinary stall. But doubt not, you won't find the prize until after you have turned and closed the door behind you. Once sitting or squatting, which ever you prefer, right in front of you at eye level you will see an advertisement. A small poster. This poster is different. It's equipped with toilet paper dispensers. And low and behold, what to the dispensers contain, what else but the most beautiful sight. Not toilet paper, but something entirely different. Charmin.

The poster is an ad for the toilet paper, and the best way to reach your target audience is of course, free samples. And that's exactly what they did. Invited you to use their product and feel the difference.

Now not once, not twice, but three times I used this bathroom this evening. And being drunk, as well as being a creature of habit, I unintentionally visited this stall three times, each time happier and happier I had found the Charmin. Toilet paper isn't really a big deal. But after being in there three times in the span of a few hours, I was lovin the Charmin.

I do not know how likely this experience will be available to others since ads come and go, but if for any remote reason you happen to be in the area... well, just remember, third stall on the left.

And, of course...

Don't squeeze the Charmin.

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