Consider these expenses before you plunge headfirst into a relationship, be it friendly or romantic:


Relationships can be hard on the wallet. There's movies, dinners, gifts, the occasional emu rodeo, and clothes to wear on these outtings. You'll have to get a job, of course, or at least have a very healthy relationship with your parents or other philanthropic persons.


You've got to be prepared for the unexpected when you enter into a new relationship, or when you try to renew an old one that has lost that special spark. Happiness and pain are like a nice aunt with a bratty kid--one always follow or preceeds the other. Don't fret! All of this is beneficial to your growth as a person. Enjoy the fun times; live through the bad times.


It's not just your life anymore--now you have to share. Giving up treasured personal time can be tragic for some, but the rewards are great. Confidence, communication skills, and civility are just three of the areas which prolonged social interaction will improve. You must buy a day-planner if you want to properly organize your time. There are some with lovely pictures of flowers in them, if you are a flowery person.

I hope you've taken notes. Now you'll always be able to tell if a relationship is worth your time and effort.

real advice: read past the crap.
involve yourselve in all you do.
people suck.
relationships suck.
never forget that when they cause you to cry and laugh.

...they're always worth it.

1 Real Doll             - $5,249
Shipping and Handling   - $450

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