As my husband and I progress towards divorce, my mother in law sends me articles. Articles about how bad and destructive divorce is for 12 year old boys.

I do think about it. However, after a year separated, a year back together and solo and couples counseling the whole time, I still don't feel comfortable inviting anyone to our house. Because my husband continues to say things to me that feel humiliating and horrible.

I think, model a bad marriage or model happy single parent? And decide.

Meanwhile, my extroverted feeler son overhears discussion about the articles.

"Well, mom." he says.


"You know, divorce is very bad for boys. You can't expect much from me, like, school."

"Hmmm." I say. "Well. I've heard that." I think about it. "Well, I'll tell you what. Even if you drop out of school and never graduate and dig ditches for a living, I will still love you."

The extroverted feeler glares at me. "YOU aren't going to cut me an INCH of slack, are you?" says my son.

"Nope," I say, grinning.

He shrugs and grins back. "It was worth a try."

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