Am I the only one to feel this way, or is that first beer in the morning somehow special?

For morning drinking I usually select a heavy brew; a stout or perhaps a porter.

Ma always said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, so I make it a point to consume something of substance!

I usually take my time and savor the moment; morning's gentle light, the chirping of birds, the sight of folks rushing about in the streets as they head off to work, subtle noises made by my neighbors moving about as they arise, perchance to drink beer also.

Maybe it's just me, maybe it's just the moment, maybe it's just how morning beer goes straight to my head on an empty stomach, but somehow I feel so, fresh and light and, well, useless after that first beer of the morning that I promptly get another beer and then another and another and before you know it the whole morning is shot.

Then it's time for that first beer of the afternoon.

Am I the only one to feel this way, or is that first beer of the afternoon somehow special?

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