Before I get too far into my writeup, well before I get anywhere to be precise, I thought I'd give you a few facts that might help you interpret my writings.

Anyway, the gym that I frequent here in Amsterdam is one of the more exercise centric I have come across, rather than being a gay pick-up joint. Not that I have anything against the latter, I just don't want to sweat there.

To get back to my gym, one of the more unusual features is that the sauna, and the steam bath for that matter, is mixed, so there are both men and women allowed, although mostly it's only men.

I guess that by now that you as a reader with an intelligence above average (you are on E2 after all) have guessed where I'm going, and you are in the right area. It is difficult when a woman or two walks into the sauna. At first you do everything trying really not to look at her, followed by trying not to look at her breasts and then not to stare at her breasts. Of course at this point you have to really concentrate to not start fantasizing, because that could have very embarrasing consequences.

Right, so this was obvious. But what is even more hazardous is sitting in the sauna with only men, and letting your mind drift. Since you can almost see into the ladies' shower area I'm sure a lot of people can imagine where your thoughts eventually start drifting. If you then sit there with several other men, of which at least one has to be gay you very quickly get back to reality. Thank god that this return to reality generally guarantees that you don't have to suffer the embarrasment of a hard-on in the sauna.

To paraphrase Tammy Wynette:

Sometimes it's hard to be a man

1 In the beginning I thought it was funny to be androgynous in my writeups. I can't be bothered anymore.

2 Yes, I'm sure.

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