Since my roommate and I are mixology challenged when it comes to alcoholic drinks, we came up with our very own version of the margarita that requires no skill whatsoever to make. The high school margarita involves the following two ingredientts:
  • a Route 44 Limeade from Sonic (if you should happen to live in one of the many states or countries that don't have Sonics, any large generic limeade will do)
  • tequila (whatever brand you desire)
Triple Sec can be a positive addition to this drink as it contributes to an overall more authentic margarita flavor. If you should not have any triple sec, do not despair for the beverage is perfectly fine without it.

To prepare this delicious drink you first sip the limeade down about an inch or so to make plenty of room for the tequila. Then you add as much tequila to the limeade as you can stand to make it full of alcoholy goodness, but still not taste like ass. For a 44 oz. drink this is somewhere around 5 shots with a margin of error of 2. After adding the tequila it is good to shake or stir the drink up.

The benefits of this concotion are many. The drink minus the alcohol is already prepared for you; therefore, no ingredients except for tequila must be kept on hand. No blender required making it a highly spontaneous and mobile beverage. A cup and a straw are provided. Since the cup has a lid, it makes this drink somewhat spill-proof. Several lime wedges can usually be found in a large limeade, and these wedges can be used for tequila shots. Most importantly, anybody can make it and it will still taste good.

I named the drink the high school margarita for this node because it reminded me of the small town I grew up in. The high school students would go to Sonic on Friday and Saturday nights to get drinks that they could mix their alcohol with. So every time I make one, it makes me feel like a high school student trying to conceal my alcohol in an innocent styrofoam cup.

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