Journal Of Plant Biology, March 2000, pp 23-25.

The role of 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA epimerase in the production of auxin

Fred Hubbard, Woodward Shaw

School of Botany, University Of Michigan


Auxin is a plant hormone that is responsible for many aspects of plant growth, including cell division and elongation. The process of its synthesis has not yet been determined, but at least part of the pathway may now be better understood. 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA epimerase, an isomerase enzyme was shown to have a catalytic effect in the production of pro-auxin, an important step in the production of auxin...

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Plant Biotechnology, June 2002, pp 121-125.

Auxin production increased by insertion of P2TS gene into carrot DNA

Donald Cherry, Roy Eldridge, John Gillespie

Department Of Biotechnology, University Of Minnesota


Auxin is known to be one of the important growth enzymes in plants. An increase in the production of auxin can be achieved by introducing a catalyst into the production pathway of pro-auxin. A P2TS gene from the broad bean was introduced into the carrot DNA via gene splicing using agrobacteria. The auxin production was increased by a factor of 3.6 in carrots with the P2TS gene...

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Minnesota Daily Herald, July 13, 2002

Scientists win 1st prize in country fair with giant carrot

Three scientists from the University of Minnesota claimed first prize yesterday in the Crookston annual country fair, sporting a 17.45 pound carrot. Farmers were shocked at the scientists' entry, only 1.5 pounds short of the world record. The scientists did not refute claims that their carrot had been genetically altered. One farmer was quoted as saying "They should be disqualified, it's unnatural." Many farmers disputed the judges' decision to allow the entry. This new controversy .... continued on page 15.

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Minnesota Daily Sun, July 11, 2003

Farmers weep over scientists' sweep

Nobody was ready for the monster show in yesterday's Crookston annual country fair. 3 scientists from the University of Minnesota shocked all present with their amazing array of giant vegtables, winning first place in every single event in the fair's vegetable competition. The fair had been, until last year, a place for local farmers to compete over who could grow the largest beetroot or cucumber, but this year it was all brain and no muscle, as Cherry, Eldridge and Gillespie displayed a stunning array of genetically altered vegetables, probably the most impressive of which was a 24-pound radish...

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Irate farmers storm Minnesota biotech laboratory

(CNN) - Two university students were injured as local farmers attacked a laboratory at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, following a controversial competition at a local fair. Much equipment was destroyed and four farmers were arrrested...

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Baltimore Financial Times, July 20, 2003

GrowthCom stocks rise as scientists gain national recognition

GrowthCom, a relatively new biotechnology company specializing in plant growth hormones, enjoyed an unexpected soar in today's trading, following yesterday's extensive news coverage of the pioneer genetic work of three University of Minnesota scientists, two of whom are expected to join GrowthCom in August. GrowthCom's stock climbed 325 percent to close at $13.25....

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Science, March 15, 2005

Gene insertion using pills

A team of scientists at the University of Madrid may have produced the most important breakthrough in genetics in recent years. Gene splicing, which is cutting a gene from one plant or animal and inserting it into another's DNA, may no longer be restricted to laboratories. In fact, it may no longer be restricted to scientists. Dr. Arturo Sandoval and his team have produced a pill, which contains a retrovirus capable of inserting a gene into the ingestor's DNA. The retrovirus is similar to the HIV, and ...

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New York Times, January 30, 2008

Controversial growth pill awaiting FDA approval

Following the success of gene splicing pills in livestock, the first gene splicing pill for humans is awaiting FDA approval. The pill, manufactured by GrowthCom...

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NBA to raise baskets by 5.08 cm

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced yesterday that it plans to raise the baskets by 2 inches (5.08 cm). The change will take place from the 2015-2016 season. The average height of players in the NBA has risen by almost 8 cm in the past 3 years, mostly due to ...


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