extraversion : loneliness :: introversion : __________

There doesn't seem to be a word for it, but as an introvert I often find myself feeling this. This is when you're around people and you want them to go away. You aren't embarassed or angry--at least not initially, though this could come as a result. Maybe you're annoyed, but the point is you want to be alone. Sometimes you want conversation, sometimes you want contemplation. The latter is best done without other people, interruptions, questions about what you're thinking/doing/etc . . .

. . . having to minimize the windows you're typing your thoughts down in as other occupants of your living space walk by . . .

Anyway, there really should be a word for this. Suggestions?

face says "I believe solitude does the job."
I was really looking for a word for the *desire* for solitude

C-Dawg suggests intrusion
lj says "the google suggests mobbed..."
These are pretty close to what I'm getting at.

A non-E2 friend suggests lonerlust, which has a nice ring to it and, being made up, can have whatever connotation one wants:)

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