Speed seduction helps men understand the language of women, through a specific set of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) tools sold by Ross Jeffries. Speed Seduction builds desire and lust in the ladies you’re perusing. As one PUA (Pick Up Artist) said, “What his (Jeffries) techniques do is make women feel WONDERFUL. You can do them on any women, and it is using language to access those deeper states in her mind that she has left vacant all these years. They make her feel: incredible connections, fantastic horniness, intense love for you.” Technically, Speed Seduction is a psychological tool that uses specific language and detailed imagery to establish neural associations in a persons mind. Luckily, Ross makes it easy for us laymen to use his Speed Seduction techniques by breaking it down for us on his audiocassettes and CDs, books, and in his workshops.

How did Speed Seduction come about? Well Jeffries, a self-confessed ugly geek, happened to stumble upon NLP through a friend one day. Ross did further research to see if his friends claims of it’s use in Fortune 500 companies, Churches, and even in the US Military was true. It didn’t take long for our hero, Ross Jeffries, to figure out this deep connection stuff he kept reading about in NLP could come in handy when trying to bed some fine young lady. Soon he had a chance to put this stuff into practice when his boss put him in charge of hiring an applicant for a vacant position in his office. One pretty candidate agreed to go dinner with Ross. On this date Ross was surprised by how his rudimentary NLP skills where working beautifully on this attractive young lady, and before the night was out he found himself getting the ol’ pole polished. While you can place the success on his ability to give her a job, but as some geek millionaires know that without even basic social skills your not going to get nowhere.

A few years after this little episode, Ross (now a full fledged PUA) started teaching his knowledge to others; happily taking your money, and giving you his tailor made NLP lessons under the name of Speed Seduction. Speed Seduction is more then just NLP though, it offers insight into Chick Logic, and arms you with tools used by Pick Up Artists that really put you ahead of the game.

Some feminists are concerned that Speed Seduction is manipulation; hypnosis designed to assist in date rape, how impossibly far from the truth that is. This issue can be summed up by another PUA who said, “SS is not manipulation. It is creating an environment for 2 people in which they can connect with each other and feel incredible intimacy and understanding of each other's desires. And that's why I love it. I'm not going to go into details of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, but the only thing I can tell you is that NLP is win-win oriented. Manipulation, on the other hand, is win-lose oriented.”

The official Speed Seduction site is www.speed-seduction.com

“Give me 10 minutes to talk away my ugly face and I'll bed the Queen of France." Voltaire

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