the perfect orange is large, and a shade or orange that is the "just right" shade of orange. the skin is unmarred. the orange is firm.

to peel it quickly would be a disgrace to it. it must be so thouroughly appreciated so as to be completely and wholely satisfying. this includes preparing the perfect orange for consumption.

peel it gently. there must be none of the peel left, and none of the small veins but the delicate inner skin must not be broken. peel it slowly. haste will ruin the perfect orange. concentrate on the orange as it is peeled. examine it. anticipate it's taste and juiciness. it must be perfect.

when it is perfectly peeled, break it into perfect halves. pick a half and split off a section. as you bite it wrap your lips around it to contain the orange juice fireworks. each section is two perfect bites of perfect orange. and there are so many more sections left. it is a satisfying snack, and quenches thirst. it is a perfect orange.

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