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I was on a car journey somewhere, i got ill and had to stop at some confectionary drug store in the country.. i bought some kind of powdered soup from a middle-aged woman. Wipe to getting home to my apartment building, this is the mainly interesting part that i remember.. i step into the elevator and press 1 ( i seem to always have elevators as a recurring theme in my dreams, especially ones that move sideways).. the doors close and the box room of the elevator starts swinging sideways for a good minute. It stops and i am on the other side of the round cone like futuristic apartment building. I look at my keys and the room one says #1 i look out into the lbrary and room #1 is the manager/superintendants office. I am not the superintendant.. my mail key however has #699 inscribed on it. There is a much deeper story going on here.. but its all hazy.. there are 3 other people with me and the superintendant.. we walk to a part of the hallway and press a button. Walls come up cutting off either side and then the whole floor moves up very fast.

I assume once it reaches a mail level i alone am elevated, with a flashlight from one of the other people.. i open my mail box and there are 2 packages of dried soup from the place in the country i did not order or ask for. I need the flashlight to see into the end of the metal cage like wall of a million mailboxes that curve along the outside of the building. thats it..

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  • Driving fast and afraid all the people walking around in the road would get in my way. Then I was without my car, walking down the highway. A silent and non-frightening clown wove me a flower out of green and white string. I took it to Shel Silverstein who showed me the preface to his new book. He was excited about the flower and wanted to learn how to make them. He wouldn't shut up about applied kinesiology.

  • The talk radio guy was trying to start a rumor that there was going to be a remake of "Family Ties," guessing which horrible actors would be cast. The word "Mallory" made him snicker every time. When I got to work I tried to spread the rumor but it wasn't a rumor, everyone already knew about it, and the show was coming on tonight, really. Didn't make any of us happy.

  • At Boorman House I could only see part of the porch, as if my vision were being limited by a camera or frame. Voiceover: This house was used for the opening shots of more than a dozen Dungeons and Dragons movies! I was aghast.

  • In the grocery store, standing in line. There was a stray hand-scanner-beeper thing and I grabbed it and tried to scan a scanner and shorted them both out, neither would stop beeping. I got in trouble.

  • I could not shut the window all the way. The glass slid horizontally and was not long enough to cover the screen. It wasn't a problem of temperature or safety - I could hear the wind whispering past, and it spooked me.

  • In my parents' house, in my old room. My brother walked past and I saw that he had grown old, balding, slouched, miserable.

  • Pretending to sleep on a strange porch. I saw my parents' station wagon drive slowly past - they'd never been here before, and were unsure of the address. They backed up and parked in the street. They had a huge blue couch jammed impossibly into the car. I saw that my brother was younger, maybe twelve. I couldn't figure that out until I realized he was George Stipick. They came up on the porch and I still pretended to be asleep. There was a cool breeze and I didn't want my calm to end.
  • I was at a party with Alecs. She's a beautiful spanish girl that I met in Denver about 2 months ago, but she lives in Miami, Florida. She's been emailing lately and wants to come and visit. Anywho, we're at this party, and the whole time she's lying on the couch. She wants to hook up. I want to hook up. I think we may have been discussing our options or something, and then I had to leave for some unknown reason.
    I returned in the morning and found her exiting the bedroom with Scott, a guy I know from the bar. This struck me as funny (funny weird, not funny haha) because I hooked him up about a month ago with a girl who was looking for a booty buddy and he couldn't pull it off.
    So, I figured 'Her loss' and woke up.
    I was suddenly conscious at the very furthest right cash register in the Toys R' Us across from the mall. I was looking around, and there was a large man working one of the registers, about two down to my left. I didn't really know what happened, it felt as if I had been knocked unconscious, and was trying to figure out how I got that way.

    Suddenly a store manager walks briskly towards me, as the large man at the register is heard half yelling/half mumbling angrily. The store manager looks angry and tells "Wayne", the obese man to be quiet. The manager motions another man to come to him, as he begins to talk to me. I'm suddenly upset and angry. I explain myself to the manager. "He just started yelling at me and saying stuff about me, I don't know why. I wasn't gonna let him do that to me."

    The other man, which the manager had motioned has now arrived. They discuss the situation. I overhear them saying that Scott (my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend), is in the security room crying. He thinks that he'll be blamed for the incident and lose his job. (oddly enough he's actually a cop, not a lackey at Toys R' Us) The manager tells me that "this has happened before with Wayne, I'm sure you didn't cause this." He begins writing up what appears to be a Toys R' Us ticket. It has a blue thin plastic cover that displays $99.99, and opens up like a notepad. The tickets are colorful, and he begins writing out a bunch of them. He doesn't tell me, but I know it's some sort of fine, and that he's writing one out to me, and two out to Wayne. Wayne gets angry and loud, the manager begins writing another.

    "What happens if I don't pay this?" I ask.

    "Well just tell Hogan that it was Wayne, and they'll probably make an exception for you."
    I immediately knew that Hogan was a company that handled these types of affairs. I also knew the entire name was Crane Hogan, a company that is serviced by my current place of employment in real life.
    The man the manager had motioned to, opened the security door, and Scott was seen to be pouting like a baby, with my ex-girlfriend trying to console him. I was rather upset about all of this, and headed for the automatic sliding doors....

    And I woke up.
    i can't recall the whole thing.. i only know that i awoke to find two strange men who were familiar sneaking into my bedroom. one had an orange and i thought he was about to rub it on my scanner. he looked at it menacingly as he passed.

    the same one, the more masculine, stepped onto my bed and squatted above me. then me squeezed orange juice onto my stomach. i grabbed at him to throw him off, but he wasn't wearing a shirt and i couldn't get a good grip. (then the alarm went off)

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