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Well I figure it had to happen someday :-)

I released my software, a PalmOS application, to QA a couple of days ago. I half expected cheers, but they just looked frightened. Mortals. They know not what they test.

Of course, almost immediately, and giving credence to instant communication amonst marketing types, I got a call from my CEO saying "hey, load that fully tested software up on some Palm Vx's and ship them to our board of directors". Upsurped. So the software, still wet and moist from it's hurried birth, was dried off, haphazardly scrutinzed, agonized over, and tucked away on the RAID.

Meanwhile, everybody chooses that moment to "drop by" the office and chit chat about how, if I didn't mind, they would like to have a copy. luser riffraff

But it has been released. 18 months of work, 200,000+ lines of C++, 460K footprint (hey, it's a palmOS program, I'm not gluttonous like you other platform developers, though 460K is something of a record in it's own right), optimized searches, custom GUI controls, business logic pulled out of my ass. All in all a wonderfully complex system of pulleys, springs and ball bearings.

Now I have to look forward to a month of anxiety, followed by a string of dumb questions, daily interruptions from our QA person, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 'scuse me while I go get drunk.

Software is never "released".
It escapes, leaving a bloody trail of developers and QA techs in its wake.

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