I want to tell so many people that the whole world doesn't want to hear their music. It doesn't seem to have occurred to them. Even on those occasions when it's music I like and play for myself sometimes, that doesn't mean I want it forced on me.

I want to say it to the next-door neighbor who had the stereo so loud Monday that the bass was louder in my apartment than the record I was playing. (I was a little more polite and just asked if she would turn it down.)

I want to say it to the frat boys who take over the complex's pool to have a party on a weekend night. (I end up, or Tregoweth does, with calling the police, because these inconsiderate bastards never listen to a single resident showing up and asking them to turn it down.)

I especially want to say it to the owners of those bassmobiles who drive around with it cranked so loud that it rattles the windows in my place of work, or drive up to the complex and wait with the music still on for a while (friends saying goodbyes at 3:00 a.m.?) and waking me up. I feel some schadenfreude in thinking of the deafness they'll experience in old age, but then they'll still probably crank up the music loud enough to feel the vibrations.

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