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How ThePope met Professor Pi A node in one act, by Jay Bonci

Ahh what of A Pope I once knew
How he came to be and now is gone
Though he was only met by few
His name must go on...

A simple noder was this man
Stuck in a lab not far from mine
To choose a simple nick was his plan
He thought a pun on his name would be fine

Kraus, he says, rhymes Pope in Dutch
Surely another man would be as pap-al
He said to himself as much.
"I am the only pope, and that is all"

To claim this was his folly
Another pope went by the name of Kurt
and neither did live in Rome. "Golly"
he said "to be this mistaken does hurt."

So a chemist he was, and soon he will be
Happy were his nodes, many of fact
Noding in the lab from his laptop PC
There was something his identity soon lacked.

It was a pale night in outside that day
When I began to idly talk
"Hey, ThePope, where are you from" I do say
For we are bored, and noders I do stalk.

A school in Worcester as it turns out
Educated both of us, albeit separate
He was working on a doctoral bout
And I, a lowly undergraduate

Greeting and meeting and a in couple hours
A noder I had met, a man of much style
We swapped writing and soon was ours
Friends to chat with once and a while.

Soon he came to me with quite a plea
The man Kurt, he stole my name
When they see it they don't think of me
For I am not the Pope of Fame

Then he said, "A Professor shall I be..
One who show his love of a decimal
I can hear their cries with three
And ending with my life being full

So in the blink of a SQL, and that was that
ThePope as we know him was no more
There also used to be one without a hat
(But rhyming his name would be a chore )

And goodbye to my old vactican friend
And a warm hello to a Professor_Pi
I pray that this is not the end...
New name, a catbox alias, but the same guy.

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