A nasty old phrase I thought I heard someone bleat on TV this week. In the wake of the attempted murders at the L.A. Jewish day camp this week (by a sick "Christian Identity" racialist), some jerk uttered this. In the 20th century, this "truth" was a rationale for anti-semitism, in the eyes of many alleged "Christians". A Christian knows that every human - living, dead, yet-to-be - helped in driving those nails, and knows that a xian is, to an extent, also Jewish.

Not just in the twentieth century. The idea that the Jews were responsible for the death of the Christ inspired not only the Jesuit-led Inquisition but various genocide progroms throughout Europe.

Indeed, this has been an excuse for many centuries. And it is (and always has been) completely illogical. The fact is that "they" spread Christianity all over the world.

Last I checked all thirteen apostles (the original 12, plus Paul) were Jews.

To me, any Christian who thinks it is so good that he/she is a Christian (and most do) should be thankful to those Jews who spread Christianity around the Roman Empire, as well as those Jews who spread it even further (that would be mostly Apostle Thomas).

Incidentally, it was Roman soldiers who drove the nails, none of whom was Jewish. I don't see anyone ever complaining about them.

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