Silly Putty: Now for Big Kids!

What... it?
What is Thinking Putty? Fun. Squishy. Runny. Elastic. Bouncing.
... can it do?
Over four different timescales, Thinking Putty acts in four different ways. Over long periods of time (minutes) the Thinking Putty will act like a liquid, puddling and dripping from the ceiling.

Over shorter periods of time, Thinking Putty will act like a piece of regular putty, becoming stretchy.

If you should drop it (split-seconds) your Thinking Putty will bounce.

Finally, and possibly the most fun, if you hit the putty with a hammer, very hard and very fast (microseconds), the putty will shatter. Yes, shatter. No, it won't shatter like a dropped beaker will shatter; this is PUTTY we're talking about. However, it will spontaneously split into discrete chunks.

Update: If you hit a ball of Thinking Putty with a baseball bat, it will act like a tennis ball and go pretty far. However, when you pick it up, it will look like something the dog left on the street. You have been warned.

...the heck!?! How does it do that?
Well, according to ThinkGeek, Thinking Putty is a dilatant compound, which means that as pressure is applied, the viscosity increases faster than the strain rate. This makes the putty to get harder to stretch the faster you move it, and accounts for the odd behavior. Head over to for a more in-depth explanation.
...should I care?
Because it's damned fun! You can also achieve world domination with it.
...can I achieve world domination with it?
ThinkGeek makes the promise, but I give results! Here's a list of four things you can do with Thinking Putty to assist your plans of terrestrial dictatorship:
  1. Stick it on the ceiling in front of your enemies. They will be hypnotized by the slow drip of the putty, while you sneak around and break their neck!
  2. Mix a bubble gum-wad sized lump with a few drops of Superglue. Leave the doctored piece lying on the floor in front of the goody-two shoes. They will step on it, and while the Superglue prevents them from getting it off, and the stretchiness of the putty will prevent them from running away. (NOTE: This is a mere simulation of the all-powerful bubble gum. It is, however, flashy, clever and extravagant - perfect for every evil villain!)
  3. Leave a lump where your enemies will find it. They will play with it for no less than thirty-six minutes: plenty of time to let loose the dogs with bees in their mouths.
  4. Simply throw the tin, with Thinking Putty inside, at them. You should be able to throw it hard enough to decapitate the bloody (so to speak) interferers.
...big is it?
One tub of Thinking Putty will form a ball equivalent to the size of a lacrosse ball, or slightly smaller than your fist.
...sells it?
You can buy a tub of Thinking Putty from either or PuttyWorld is slightly cheaper, and they have more colors, but you can save on shipping if you order more stuff from ThinkGeek.

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