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She had so many terrific qualities I guess God decided she should be lacking in some manner. She was tall, with short dark hair, sharp cheekbones and eyes that were shiny, in the way models look on magazine covers. Too good to be true. She was a good talker, had a good sense of humor and was lucky with games.

Go ahead, watch her roll four doubles in a row playing backgammon-I dare you.

Sharon was also very bright, but shy about it. She would never bring up the Russian literature she was reading and pretended she had not read everything Dickens. But she could be caught with paperback copies of Nabokov and I saw her tutoring a high school girl once on Anna Karenina. She knew so much, but was humble about it. As if she needed something to make her more attractive.

Thankfully she was bad at something. Lying. She was a crappy liar. Maybe it was the way she was raised-her mother was a probation officer who worked with juveniles and her dad was a judge. Perhaps the sense of right and wrong was just too deep inside of her. Hard to say, but for all of her intelligence and guile, she was not able to keep secrets of any kind.

At first this was just a little humorous. Like when she spoiled her roomate's surprise party by turning a bright red when someone asked her when it was scheduled.

Later on, it became more serious. She couldn't hide her feelings when I asked her some questions about her brother. It turned out he had stolen her 15 year old stamp collection and then sold it for drug money. She never could forgive him for it-and it showed.

In the end this flaw was the way I discovered she was leaving me. She tried many ways to hide it-averted eyes, faux coughing fits, etc. But she was no actress. She had decided to move to Europe and that meant solo. It would have been great if she wanted me along. It would have been good if she had been able to create an elaborate excuse. But it wasn't her style. I told her she was busted, again and she just shook her head and covered her mouth with one hand.

"Maybe it's something I'll learn overseas..."

I'll probably never know.

thanks Frankie~

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