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In general, I think it?s a mistake to think of vegetarian food as a substitute for meat. It is what it is in its own right. However, this traditional dish is called ?vegetarian chicken.? In any case, it?s good.

What You Will Need
One package of dried yuba (dried bean curd skin)
One quarter cup mushroom soy sauce
Two tablespoons of sesame oil
One teaspoon of salt
Six dried Chinese black mushrooms reconstituted and shredded
One quarter cup of dried lilly buds, reconstituted and shredded
Half a cup of bamboo shoots shredded
Or half a cup of finely chopped leeks

What Now?
Reconstitute the sheets of yuba in hot water. Drain and then marinate in a mixture of the mushroom soy sauce, sesame oil and salt. All right, lay the sheets on top of each other in layers. Make three piles of these sheets. Sprinkle about a third of the shredded vegetables over the top sheet of each pile. Stack them on top of each other and roll them. Tie them with some kitchen twine. Steam this roll for around 25 minutes. Remove the twine and slice. Serve. Yay!

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