Thomas Öberg is the charismatic frontman of bob hund. Just to see him in action is reason enough to go to one of their gigs.

During an early gig he threw himself into the air and landed on his knees. He was so badly hurt that he had to be taken to a hospital. This incident (classified as suicide attempt by the doctor) gave inspiration to the song "5 meter upp i luften" ("5 meters up in the air").

On stage he often wears a traffic cone as a hat. This is because he is a big Kraftwerk fan (they have a traffic cone on the cover of Kraftwerk 1).

According to the bands offical homepage (, he has played in various synth bands with Jonas Jonasson (Tough Guys Don't Dance, Kührgel, Noha...), Spacelab, Laughabouts, Klipporna, Oven & Stove, EPA (Ej På Arbetet), Kling & Klang and Instant Life, and worked as a dish washer, weeder, engineer, assistant at a restaurant, substite at day care centers, recreation leader, assistant at a schoolkitchen, cook in a day care center, leader of a study circle (vegetarian cooking, english for senior citizens), cafe clerk and dish washer (again).

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