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The common name of a Chinese delicacy in Sichuan. Why it is called three squeaks, is well, quite disgusting. They are..... *drum-roll*......

Rat Embryos!

This is no joke. People there eat the embryos of country rats. Not the sewer kind, those are a lot smaller and are dirty and diseased. The field rats are larger and cleaner. They extract the embryos from the rats and cook them, then they are served with soy sauce. How they came up with the idea is beyond me.

The three squeaks comes from the sound that it makes when you eat it. It squeaks when you pick it up with your chopsticks, again when you dip it in soy sauce, and again when you put it in your mouth. I've never tried it, and quite frankly, I don't think I ever will.


Next on the menu, pigeon brain! (BTW, I have tried pigeon brain. It is quite good. Really.)

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