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A combination of the numbers Three and Five.

Popularized by the ever-hilarious SNL skit Celebrity Jeopardy, Threeve was the answer given to the final Celebrity Jeopardy category, "Just write a number. Any number. Any number and you win. We'll accept any number. Any number at all. A one, or a two, or a three... or how 'bout a four? It's that simple, I know you can do this."

French Stuart, played by Jimmy Fallon responded with Threeve.

His wager? $Texas, Or as Alex Trebek (Will Ferrel) put it:

"Let's start with French Stuart, who's grinning like an idiot -- you look pretty sure of yourself -- think you've got the right answer. Well, all you had to do was write down a number, and you wrote... ThreEve. A combination of three and five. Simply stunning. And you wagered... Texas, with a dollar sign in front of it. I'm speechless. "

Much laughter and hilarity ensued.

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