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In Norse Mythology, Thrud was the daughter of Thor and Sif.

As chronicled in a poem in the Elder Edda known as the "Alvissmol," the gods promised Thrud to the dwarf Alvis to recompense him for forging weapons for them. Thor was not very thrilled with the idea of his daughter marrying a dwarf, so he asked Alvis to submit to a test of wisdom to prove his worthiness (the usual test of strength not being an option since Alvis was only a puny dwarf).

Alvis must have figured Thor for a fool (after all, his name means "all wise"), and readily agreed. But Thor contrived to prolong the test until sunrise, upon which Alvis turned to stone, as all Norse dwarves did if exposed to sunlight. Suffice to say the wedding was off.

Later tales list Thrud as one of the Valkyries, so evidently at some point she took up a vow of chastity and joined that illustrious host.

The name "Thrud" means "might" or "power".

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