A frisbee throw. There are actually two different thumbers, with slightly different grips, but with very different flight paths and release points. Thumbers are not a throw that you will see frequently in a game. However, a good thumber can go 30 or 40 yards with reasonable accuracy, so I wouldn't be totally surprised to see one used in a game. They are an upside-down throw.

The first sort of thumber's flight path is the reverse of a hammer. To throw this thumber, grip the disc with your thumb on the inside of the disc and curl the rest of your fingers in. Now throw the disc up and away from you. You should have a motion somewhat like throwing a baseball, except more out to the side. You should be throwing the disc from somewhere above and out from your right shoulder. Snap your wrist fairly early, and try to have the top of the disc tilted slightly away from you.

The second kind of thumber's flight path is fairly straight and fast, but the disc tends to turn over. Grip the disc with your thumb on the inside of the rim like above, but hold your fingers straight out and against the outside of the rim. Now hold the disc slightly in front of you and snap your wrist hard and release the disc. You should not move your arm at all. Adjust the angle of release until you find one that works for you. I suggest starting at about 45 degrees up and out. The disc should fly straight forward, upside-down, for a few yards, and then hang and flop over.

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