Scoober (n.): The term used among Ultimate players for an upside-down backhand, usually thrown with a forehand grip from about shoulder height. Definitely not for neophytes, as the scoober tends to be somewhat difficult to control. While it is definitely a short range pass, it is a viable alternative in many cases to the high-release.

To throw a scoober, grip the disc like you would a forehand. Now flip the disc over so it is upside down. Bring your arm across your body and hold the disc over your left shoulder if you are a righty. Your elbow should be in front of your chin. Now snap your arm up and out from the elbow, snapping your wrist at the same time. Do not use your shoulder at all. Be sure to snap up, because the scoober will blade into the ground if you give it any chance. A correctly thrown scoober will move quickly for a few yards and then hang for a few seconds. It is a good alternative to a high-release backhand, but it is floaty and unless you have a really good scoober, you can expect the defense to collapse on it just like on a high release backhand.

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