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Tical is one of the many pseudonyms of the rapper Method Man from the group Wu Tang Clan.

Meth Tical is the MAN

from what i understand, Tical is a slang term meaning "adulterated marijuana". usually, it is weed that has been treated with some sort of pesticide or other aerosol spray, but it can also refer to weed laced with some unknown (but definitely controlled) substance.

keep in mind, smoking anything soaked in pesticides is absolutely, positively bad for you. no one should ever engage in this activity ever. furthermore, unless you know for certain what's been put into your ganja, you probably shouldn't smoke it, for safety's sake.

Ti*cal" (?), n.


A bean-shaped coin of Siam, worth about sixty cents; also, a weight equal to 236 grains troy.



A money of account in China, reckoning at about $1.60; also, a weight of about four ounces avoirdupois.


© Webster 1913.

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