Tickling, have not Reach Out and Tickle (TM) someone close to me in a while. Puppies and baby sisters great subjects to stake out, surprise em and tickle the madness into em. You you bully you!

Tickling is a great way to get close (you know like share two people's comfort zones) and drill the happiness out of otherwise serious people.

"Oh, Hi! You didn't take long in the shower. Are you gonna drip all over me?" This is a loaded question; I most definitely want to be dripped on :-)

She saunters over, looking detached from the world "Mmm, maybe"

She Pounces! I'm pinned to the sofa!

"No! Don't, I'm trying to..." I try to struggle, but her fingertips have already disabled me. They're roaming around my tummy and back, scratching and tickling. This is a very nice thing, but you have to play act for a bit :-o

"Submit, slave!" She's got a wonderful concentrated, Brain Surgeon at work expression on her face, with just a little smirk at the right (or is it left?) corner of her mouth.

"Eeep! Stop it!" (weakly) "You're making lemonade come out of my nose!"

I manage to put the drink down.

"Heeheehee! Argh!" "Ohmygod!"

I can hardly breathe for laughing, she sees this and pulls away a little

"Aha! fooled by my cunning plan! This means... War!"

Her eyes narrow dangerously, but I'm there first! I put any soul calibur character to shame with a knees-thighs-groin-tummy-breasts-armpits-back-sides combo that evens the score.

"Eek! No, please!" Ha! now it's her turn to be disabled. Ah, sweet revenge :-)

There's an angelic expression on her face then she's smiling an enormous cheshire cat grin.


Things continue


Then things progress onward from tickling, to more serious things :-)

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