Many people are ticklish. A few of these people are so ticklish that they are vulnerable to what is called the psychic tickle.

The psychic tickle is performed by wiggling one's fingers at the victim, or otherwise making tickling motions with one's hands in their direction. A vulnerable person will start to laugh. They may even let loose a veritable explosion of laughter.

Of course, if they start laughing hard enough, their eyes will close and the tickling will end.

Once upon a time, this was the full extent of my knowledge regarding the so-called "Force Tickle."

Recently, however, I discovered that a friend of my sister's has an extraordinarily ticklish aura. During one particularly cruel session of long-range tickling (we're talking 3 meters or so), I found that adding a "Tsch-tsch" sound increased the effect of the tickling by an order of magnitude. Additionally, once her eyes had closed she continued to be affected! Within a few minutes I learned that if I began with both gestures and sounds I was able to cease all hand motions and the subject would still feel the full effects of the tickling.

In general, if someone has a ticklish aura, then adding the sound effects will cause a greater effect (as well as allowing them to be tickled from a distance even after they have closed their eyes).

It should be noted that there are several different types of hand gestures that can be effective for psychic tickling:

  • Generic wiggling
  • tickling motions
  • the "five finger flick," which consists of making a fist, then quickly extending all five fingers at once (and repeating those motions)

There are also multiple tickling sounds:

  • "Tsch-tsch"
  • "Sh-sh-sh"
  • "Psch-psch"

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