The Lower East Side Stitches are a high-energy punk band from New York City.

The band consists of guitarist and founder Curt Gove (formerly of The Radicts), guitarist Lohme Behrman, bassist Damien Branica, vocalist Mick Brown, and drummer John Lynch (who replaced James Baggs in 2001). They were signed to BMG/NG in early 1999 and can be seen in the Spike Lee film, "Summer of Sam".


  • "Rustic City", released in 1995 on Honey Roasted Records.
  • "Could Just Die", released in 1995 on Holy Plastic Records.
  • "Nut Job", released in 1996 on Eyeball Records.

  • "STAJA `98 L.E.S.", released in 1999 on BMG/NG.
  • "Lower East Side", released in 2000 on BMG/NG

    I had the privilege of seeing the Lower East Side Stitches open for Bad Religion on their New America tour. The Stitches certainly live up to their reputation as high-energy punkers, especially Mick Brown, who is akin to a ferret on speed when he's onstage.

    To me, the Lower East Side Stitches are one of the finest punk acts today. The Stitches are a throwback to the early days of punk, when bands like the New York Dolls (whom the Stitches have been compared to) and the Ramones ruled the roost. They have that old-school sound that I welcome in an age where pop-punk acts like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte rule the scene.

    The Lower East Side Stitches are also responsible for the 'stitch' part of my alias.
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