I long to be a strand in the corporate hairball
but I've voided the warranty on my braiN
I've got 60 idiotic cycles per second
creeping into my heaD
I got so horribly intertwined with the world
that 5 out of 10 corporations couldn't distinguish me from a global consumer electronics balloT.

There's lots to see, feeling seems to be in short supply
heavy trading today in post-apocalyptic futureS
(On the dogmatic reality index)
price wars everywhere on soul retrieval therapY
Freedom, it has been decided, is all being stored in a vault
(to collect interest on the principlE)

"What's a preset?" she said.
he replied, "Not sure, but in socialist mythology it has something to do with this thing called 'choicE'".
"((n * n+1) - (n + n+1)) - ((n-1 * n) - (n-1 + n)) = n - 1" is what they both muttered synchronously, before parting ways.

Standing under things the way they are
are you a result of the word resulT?
We all know of course that we're all nouns
but are you, have you ever been, and will you ever be, a verB?

Has it all fallen apart?
it probably has, perhaps it's putting itself back together right noW.
Likely it doesn't appear that way
unless you decide to see time moving backwardS.

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