I don't remember about a third of my life, he said.

Was that all?

Even right now as we stand in our small existence, frustration combining into a cohesive sentiment, the reality of now is overwhelming. It is all so present. Right now it is almost clear. This is not what I will remember.

I could not piece together the events of this night. Call and show and smile and voice and car and running from one place to another is the shortest of short term memories. It will go down in history as just another day that passes, details will fade, I will grow and age and you will move on and learn and forget. Will this be important five years from now?

To have a memory as a goal is to cheat the present. This is right now. And this too. And this again is now. You're not in that anymore, come over. Here you are. So why make it of such importance to provide the future with memories of now? It will all sort itself out. Do not regret the forgetting, there is just so much room.

And then the days will pass without a thought, then something inside you will recall my name and it will all come back to you in a flood of everything more real and filling than reality itself. You will know then that forgetting is required for remembrance.

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