Memory Loss is the a song by Del The Funkee Homosapien, the final track off his infamous geek culture album Deltron 3030. Although the song is full of the "playing Squaresoft games while taking hallucinogens" vibe that helped Del create an audience, the song's lyrics transcend this, dealing with issues of social responsibility and enlightenment.

In three verses, Del ties together themes taken off of his science fiction themed album, and then takes them to a higher level, wondering about people's discouragement about learning algebra and wondering what happens to us when we die.

Perhaps some of my own experiences with Chinese literature have colored my experiences, but Del either has been studying the corpus of the Ancients or else he is ingenious enough to reinvent it himself. In this one poem, he takes hip-hop, marries it to 90's geek culture and then places it into the context of thousands of years of shamanism, wondering how much social responsibility he owes to the world, because

life is like a dream, when I die I wake up

Watch him draw the threads together. This is the intellectual questions we have to answer. And it has Sean Lennon.

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