No Jacket Required is Phil Collins' third solo album, released in 1985 this album has sold almost 30 million copies worldwide.

This particular album takes its name from an incident where Phil Collins wasn't allowed to enter a Chicago restaurant because of the dress code.

Track Listing
  1. Sussudio
  2. Only You Know and I Know
  3. Long Long Way to Go
  4. I Don't Wanna Know
  5. One More Night
  6. Don't Lose My Number
  7. Who Said I Would?
  8. Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore?
  9. Inside Out
  10. Take Me Home
  11. We Said Hello Goodbye*

No Jacket Required spawned 4 singles, "One More Night", "Sussudio" (my personal favorite), "Don't Lose My Number" and "Take Me Home".

This album is definitely pop oriented and is generally more positive than most of Phil Collins' other works. Over time I have come to have a real appreciation of this album, and this is easily my favorite Phil Collins' album.

* This song only appeared on the Compact Disc version of the album.

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