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I'm sleepwalking my way
through thirteen hundred
dollars worth of job
but i'm not worried
I'm just awake enough to know
today's just like any day
with it's own graceful little kings of anything
and everything

they leave me alone
they know about me
I have not yet found the grace

You always make me light up
I'm awake when I'm here
when I'm not its like a nightmare
i'm not the king of anywhere

just leave me alone
just know about me
that I have not yet found the grace

time is like a solvent
and the wind erases everything
and money's like a cold morning rain
that ties up you and me

i've got a sound in planar form
like a dancefloor for dissonance
i've got a voice that's flat and worn
and can't convey your innocence

I'll leave it alone
we have this in common
we have not yet found the grace

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